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Daily Chitosan Aquacell Mask

Short-time home care with mask and water!

Chitosan Aquacell Mask

Will Change Your Skin Dramatically

7 Reasons

  • Adhesion
    to skin crevices

    When the mask sheet applied with the medical wet dressing technology meets the ampoule and becomes a gel, the absorption rate improves when it adheres to the entire skin!

  • skin

    The strong adsorption and chelation of chitosan helps to remove various wastes (fine dust, etc.) remaining on the skin!

  • Triple
    skin moisturizing

    Chitosan hydrofiber once, edelweiss stem cells 2 million twice, high molecular weight hyaluronic acid, triple moisturizing!

  • improve
    skin elasticity

    Edelweiss stem cells with strong vitality grown in the Swiss Alpine region improve skin elasticity and brightness!

  • wrinkle

    Adenosine, a wrinkle-improving ingredient certified by the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety, helps to improve wrinkles

  • Whitening

    Niacinamide, a whitening ingredient certified by the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety, helps whitening

  • EWG green grade
    raw material

    We use raw materials that have been graded green by EWG, a non-profit environmental civic group in Washington!

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Chitosan Hydrofiber Sheet, the answer to perfect sealing therapy

What is Chitosan Hydrofiber sheet?

Medical wet-dressing technology is applied
to absorb 20 times the water of its own weight and gel it. Therefore, it sticks to skin very well and moisturizes skin highly.

Chitosan is the only natural polymer that has positive ion (+), so it adsorbs and removes negative ionic skin wastes.

It is a mask sheet made by Biopharmmed's proprietary patented method that works and works on the skin by itself.

Key Principle of Chitosan Aqua Cell Mask

The key principle that mask packs make your skin healthy is ‘Sealing Therapy'. It is a principle that blocks the skin from the outside with a mask sheet, maintains moisturization, and supplies nutrients. It is the best way to make our skin healthy and beautiful.

Sealing therapy

What is ‘Sealing therapy’?

A method of sealing the wound surface with wet dressing to increase the permeation
of the drug to the epidermal layer and reduce the probability of drug removal by contact.

The above description and image are data to help you understand airtight therapy.

Chitosan Aquacell Mask Features

  • 1.

    The seamless adhesion of a chitosan sheet
    made with medical dressing techniques.

  • 2.

    Chitosan's powerful
    anti-waste adsorption

  • 3.

    Moisture Capacity
    of Wet Dressing Method

  • 4.

    Skin Lifting Effect
    from the Membrane

  • 5.

    Tone-up and antibacterial (atopy and acne sedation)

Don't miss the skin gap!

The seamless adhesion of a chitosan sheet made with medical dressing techniques.

Does our skin have many cracks?

Our skin is not as flat as we thought due to fine lines, waste products, and scars.

The fact that a pack that sticks well to the face has good adhesion means only the adhesion on the outside of the skin.
In order to be able to say that it has good adhesion, it has to have good adhesion to the skin crevice!

The skin gap adhesion of the mask pack is important

because it blocks the skin from the outside, creating a closed environment and greatly affecting the absorption rate of nutrients.

The chitosan hydrofiber sheet gelled by absorbing water
not only adheres to the outer skin, but also closely adheres to the crevices of the skin,
quickly absorbing nutrients and maintaining a moisturized state for a long time.

Please make your skin clean before adding more nutrients.

Strong absorption of skin waste from chitosan

The strong adsorption power of the chitosan hydrofiber sheet must be used to purify the skin.

Recently, our skin is exposed to a lot of pollution such as heavy metals and fine dust.
Also, the residue of daily color cosmetics is causing skin trouble.

  • "Impact of ultrafine dust throughout the four seasons…"
  • Causes various dermatitis such as fine dust, skin inflammation, itching, and rash
  • "Fine dust in the yellow dust is the cause of skin aging!"
  • "fine dust penetrates into the body through the skin"

Experiments were conducted simultaneously
with the theoretical explanation
of how the chitosan hydrofiber sheet purifies the skin.

The chitosan contained in the chitosan hydrofiber sheet is the only natural polymer
on the planet that has a cation(+),
which is adsorbed and removed by the anion waste.

Chelate is a compound in Greek that has two or more coordinating ligands
and has a ring structure to enclose it.
Chitosan has the property of chelating (ligand binding a metal element) to remove heavy metals
in ultrafine dust such as zinc, lead, copper, cadmium, arsenic, and mercury.

skin that does not dry out

Moisturize with just the sheet.

Moisturizing completeness that does not dry with just sheets and water Chitosan hydrofiber is a technology used as a medical wet dressing.
The hydrofiber as a wet dressing, the strong cohesive power of chitosan sucks
at least 20 times its own weight into the wound area, gels, and adheres like a skin to supply nutrients and maintain the wet state.


Chitosan hydrofiber sheet made with this technology
sucks water instead of exudate to gel,
retain watery moisture and provide adequate nutrients.

The sure thing that the chitosan film makes

Skin lifting effect

Skin lifting effect created
by chitosan coating

As the chitosan hydrofiber gels, the chitosan of the polymer polymer structure spreads
evenly into the crevices of the skin and penetrates and forms a film.
After the sheet is removed, the contraction action that occurs
in the clotting process of the film (at this time, the skin feels dry) helps the skin lifting.

Excellent antibacterial and moisturizing

Chitosan Hydorfiber sheet soothe Atopy and Acne

Chitosan Hydrofiber Sheet has wet dressing technology and chitosan's antibacterial properties.
Its antibacterial properties soothe atopy and acne and remove germs.

In fact, the person who was atopy cut off the atopy ointment and continued to stick this sheet, and as a result, the epilepsy of the atopy was reduced, and the result was that there was less scratching and less inflammation and inflammation.

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