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Eco-topical Hemostatic Agent Powder (low molecular weight CM-Glucan powder hemostatic agent) (Patent number 10-1878769)

Product Overview

  • Surgical Hemostatic Agent
    • - Various applications in surgery
    • - Easy application to difficult surgical positions
    • - Safe, quick, reliable effect without damage to the surrounding tissue
  • Double Hemostatic Action - Beta glucan powder absorbs blood and acts as a gel and protective film by Ca2+
  • 100% Natural Ingredients - 100% absorption (no foreign matter left behind by decomposition and absorption in the human body after hemostasis)
  • Simple Usage - Can be applied immediately without product preparation
  • Convenient Storage - No special equipment required for storage or transportation.

Product Features

  • Beta-glucan, a type of polysaccharide present in yeast cell walls, mushrooms, grains, etc., is designed to rapidly dissolve and stop bleeding by making beta-glucan rapid gel and hemostasis
  • New development method - Simple new manufacturing method
  • Fine particles of about 10-100㎛ - Maximization of surface area
  • Rapid clotting and hemostasis by Ca2+
  • Formation of large amount of mesopore and micropore in particles - Rapid blood absorption and transparent film formation