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The biopolymer hyaluronic acid is reborn as a high-purity filler. Safe and secure based on new source technology for beauty cosmetic products_


Advantages of the Vita-100 filler

  • a new

    Vita-100 filler is a high-purity fillerVita-100 filler is a high-purity filler that completely removes impurities with a new technology, and it maintains long-term molding due to a slow decomposition rate by mixing and crosslinking polymers and small molecules.

  • Whitening

    Vita-100 filler contains vitamin C, so it works excellently on whitening.

  • Biocompatibility

    Vita-100 filler helps in the production of dermal collagen and has the advantage of being easy to modify with Hyaluronidase (enzyme) when necessary.

  • Wrinkle

    Vita-100 filler contains low molecular weight hyaluronic acid (10kDa), so it has excellent synthesis of Procollagen Type I C-Peptide (PIP).

Vita-100 filler Hyaluronic acid Hydrogel Technology

New Crosslinked Technologe

  • 2Phase Reacion-New technology
  • Multiphasic Reacton
  • Low and High molecular weight Hyaluronic acid mixed Reaction
  • High purity hyaluronic acid filler completely removed impurities(crosslinking agents and proteins, etc)
  • Manufactured by including Vidamine C, PDRN, etc

When manufactured by crosslinking
only high molecular weight hyaluronic acid

When manufactured by mixing high molecular weight hyaluronic acid and low molecular weight hyaluronic acid


  • Safety

    • Removal of impurities in advanced purification method: BDDE crosslinking agent, heavy metal, Endotoxin
    • Use of high-purity hyaluronic acid
    • Verified biocompatibility (ISO10993)
  • Effectiveness

    • Independently developed cross-linked hyaluronic acid manufacturing method
    • Excellent viscoelasticity (G’,G”)
  • Convenience

    • All-in-one syringe
    • Product LINE-UP
  • Optimal crosslinking ratio

    Optimal crosslinking ratio(MoD)

    Realization of excellent performance(G’,G”)

  • High purity hyaluronic acid gel manufacturing technology

    Minimization of side effects

  • Homogeneous hyaluronic acid crosslinked structure

    Excellent injection·Excellent formativeness

    Diphasic filler

  • Excellent whitening effect

    Realization of clear skin to vitamin C