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BioㆍMedicalㆍBeauty leading company BioPharmMed

Company Information

  • BioㆍMedicalㆍBeauty leading company
  • BioPharmMed

Our efforts for a healthierand more beautiful life for mankind will continue.

Company Overview

  • Company Name

    • BioPharm Med Co., Ltd.
  • CEO

    • Seok-Hyeong Cho
  • Date of Establishment

    • April, 2020
  • Major Business

    • Medical Device Manufacturing
    • Topical hemostatic agents,
    • Wound dressings,
    • Filter syringes
  • Address

    • (28580)
      72, Jikji-daero 456beon-gil, Heungdeok-gu, Cheongju-si, Chungcheongbuk-do
  • TEL

    • 043-277-6587
  • FAX

    • 043-277-6588

Corporate Philosophy

  • Talent-Oriented

    • Providing opportunities to demonstrate talent-oriented abilities
    • Nurturing R&D personnel who create the future
    • Creating a company culture that empowers
    • Autonomy of commute time (Creativity Development)
  • Impress Customers

    • Satisfy customers with the best products and services through development of new technology
    • 4Impress customers with new products using the Fourth Industrial Revolution
  • Global Orientation

    • A company that leads the global
    • Development of products that can replace imports
    • Certification system to strengthen exports

CEO Seok-Hyeong Cho (Career)

Seok-Hyeong Cho


Major and Doctoral Thesis

  • Doctor of Engineering
  • Research on target-oriented anticancer drugs using polymer prodrugs

Functional food research and company establishment experience

  • Chitosan and chitooligosaccharide (COS) production and sales
    • Established Indonesia PT. NobleBiotech in 2005
    • Sales in Korea and Japan.
  • Production and sales of chitooligosaccharide (COS), agar oligosaccharide, quaternary chitosan, fish scale collagen, cosmetics, etc.
    • Biopolytech Co.,Ltd. (operated by CEO Jeong-hun Lee).
    • Cheongju Sejung Technoville 714
  • Registered 20 patents other than medical devices such as manufacturing method of small molecular agar (registration number 10-0970657)
  • Established medical device manufacturing and sales company - BioPharm Med Co., Ltd.

Major Research Field

  • 15 patents registered related to Medical devices, Medical consumables, and Filter syringes.
  • Many papers and patents registered related to Functional food - Chitosan, Agar oligosaccharide, Collagen, Glucosamine, Chondroitin sulfuric acid, etc.
  • Many patents registered related to heat dissipation material using graphene.

Future production and development items

  • Epidural cavity recognition system
    • Epidural anesthesia syringe and catheter (AI-based).
  • Bioabsorbable dressing
    • Dressing (gauze) that is absorbed into the body and does not need to be removed after dressing such as burns
      (Surface chito-oxidized chitin nanofiber manufacturing method. Key is to use the patent registered tin/collagen nanofiber fabric and wound covering material (registration number 10-2018-008689)).
  • Non-blood glucose meter
    • No blood glucose measurement device, Application No. 10-2016-0130454.
  • Other aspirators and endoscopic covering devices
  • Medical device cleaning agent